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Flixhouse UG

Flixhouse UG

Construction company (tourism sector)
Flixhouse UG


We have developed Flixhouse because we have an own requirement and therefore practical experience of sustainable tourist properties with the following characteristics:

· quick to assemble and without much effort and without heavy equipment

· particularly environment-friendly

· and all this as inexpensive as possible

FLIXHOUSE are modular system houses that are created in a 4. 0 production process.
Objects with 3 smart basic units (16, 20 and 24 m2), 2 basic heights (3 and 4 m2)
and 2 roof variants which can adapted to individual needs and preferences in dozens of variations, produced within a few weeks and within assembled from only a few days!

The upgrades system provides different system facades to choose from, the objects
are simply wrapped like coats and thus adapted to different regional weather conditions and architectural conditions.

This smart design replaces building with mechanical material processing and minimises on-site work to a quick & neighbour-friendly plug-in assembly.

The 4. 0 production method achieves a high degree of efficiency, the objects are created close to demand, a system that allows the houses to be built up to 40% cheaper than in conventional construction.

Planning globally, acting locally = enjoying green!
The open source supply system of local material and element producers, the maximum use of wood as a building material and the interplay of efficiency optimisation also generate large savings in grey energy compared to the traditional construction industry.